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Farewell Quartet

Farewell Quartet

Shiraz 4 Pack

Their release window coincided with a tumultuous period in our lives. Now, these "pre-normal" vintages are nearing the end of their active duty. Soon the remaining bottles will join their forebears in our museum, to be called upon for future cameo appearances at special events, vertical tastings and for our Museum Club. This offer is extremely limited.

Of course, Wine Members discounts apply (use your code).
Village Club - 10% ($189)
Estate Club - 15% (178.50)
Domaine Club and Museum Club - 20% ($168)

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Who is Retiring?

Que Syrah Syrah 2018 (RRP $38) 
A favourite at our cellar doors, this wine is a perfect marrying of the more restrained elements of cool-climate Syrah and the richer, spicier Shiraz's of warmer climbs.

Lethbridge Shiraz 2019 (RRP $55)
Savoury, with concentrated black fruit and hints of white pepper, this is the last we will see from our Estate until the release of 2021 later next year. 

Malakoff Shiraz 2017 (RRP $55)
From an iconic vineyard in the heart of the Pyrenees, this is a silky smooth, ripe fruit and richly textured wine. She is also aged in 100% new French oak to add tannin and sweet spices. When we needed wine to handle a BBQ in isolation it always stepped up to the challenge. 

Rebenberg Single Vineyard Shiraz 2018 (RRP $65)
Sadly the Rebenberg vineyard at Mt Duneed is to be demolished for the inevitable advance of residential housing. 2018 was one of our last vintages, and soon the descendants of this great viticultural site will be retired to the museum and preserved for future generations.