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Between Five Bells are the last three words in the first stanza of Kenneth Slessor’s famous poem, Five Bells. The poem is understood to tell the tale of the death of Joe Lynch, a friend of the poets, and is set on/in/around (it gets confusing) Sydney Harbour. A beautiful lyrical poem, well worth a read and central to the way we think about the B5B wines.

The aim for the wines is to be multi-regional, multi-varietal blends with the ultimate goal of being delicious and slurpable wines.

Between Five Bells allows Ray a sense of freedom with his winemaking, exploring texture, fermentation vessels and blending. The wines have a sense of winemaker forgoing the idea of terroir, allowing the drinker the freedom to enjoy the wines without having to worry about the grape varieties or the region in which they are grown.  Ray will often use the musical analogy with his wines and Between Five Bells is his discordant jazz.

The Between Five Bells range includes a Red, White. Amber, Pinots, Pet Nat and every now and then we makes something special, the ‘Yellow’ and the ‘500’.