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2023 Friends Pick @ Lethbridge Wines RS2

2023 Friends Pick @ Lethbridge Wines RS2

Due to rain and cold weather we have rescheduled our 'Friends Pick' (again), but there will still be plenty of fun to be had one week later on the 22nd of April.

As usual with this event you start early, pick some grapes, meet new people and then enjoy lunch with a few glasses of wine all provided by us.  This is the ultimate win-win, we get our grapes picked with your labour and you get to meet new people and a delicioius lunch.  No wonder it is everyones favorite event!

When:   Saturday 22nd April, 9:00 am

Where:  Lethbridge Vineyard, 74 Burrows Rd, Lethbridge 

What to bring:  Water bottle, hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, gloves if you dont want stained hands.

Cost: FREE for wineclub members (you must log in and use promo code 'Friendspick'), all other winelovers $20 per person.


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