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2020 Que Syrah Syrah
Wine Specs
Malakoff Vineyard
Bottling Date
12, 13/2/2019

2020 Que Syrah Syrah

Another delicious release of the Que Syrah Syrah from the Malakoff Vineyard in the Pyrenees.

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As a variety it occupies 28% of vineyard area in Australia. It was one of the original varieties imported to Australia in the 1830’s and it is planted in every wine region in Australia (at least every one I can think of!!).

When people think of Australian wine they automatically think of Shiraz.
Why then the name Syrah? Syrah is what the French call Shiraz and this wine is made in a traditional Old World style, using 3000L oak vessel for fermentation and then maturation in traditional 1200L oval oak foudres. This allows for both a pure expression of the rich fruit and spicy aromatics of Australian Shiraz as well as the development of the savouriness and texture reminiscent of Syrah. A truly delicious wine.