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2017 Primarone
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Moorabool Valley

2017 Primarone

Yet again we can’t help ourselves but to try something new.

Primitivo air dried and made into a delicious rich wine.

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The Wine:
Imagine taking your last precious crop of Lethbridge Primitivo/Zinfandel, and deliberately reducing it by half. This is what we decided to do when we took 800 kg of pristine bunches of Primitivo, spread them thinly on trays and allowed them to dry slowly over 6 weeks. Each day we careful checked the fruit only allowing the pristine berries to remain. When grapes had lost approximately 50% of water from the juice concentrating all the flavour, sugar and acid, the grapes were fermented, pressed then matured in new oak for 30 months.  These are not shy wines – they’re impressive, full bodied, and delicious, just waiting for a cold winter’s day and rich hearty food. A true “vini da meditazione”; for most of us a little extra contemplation in life wouldn’t be a bad thing!

The Taste: 
Rich and intense, this wine is very rich and aromatic. Intense blue fruits, dried herbs and a lick of liquorice.
A wine that demands decanting, it’s a true food wine that just demands a group of friends and a large steak