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2017 'il regalo di compleanno' Nebbiolo
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Malakoff Vineyard

2017 'il regalo di compleanno' Nebbiolo

Our fifth release of this Pyrenees Nebbiolo from the wonderful Malakoff Vineyard

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Like all great wines, this wine has a story.  This one began by Maree wondering, 'What does one buy for a husband of almost twenty years who buys for himself whatever he wants?'

Late in vintage 2013 the phone rang, it was Robert John from the Malakoff Vineyard who had heard about our penchant for unusual varieties enquiring as to whether we wanted any Viognier.  We had made a pact ‘no small batches’ and so after declining the offer I was somehow possessed to ask whether he had any Nebbiolo!  It was Ray’s birthday in May and what better present. A great Nebbiolo rivals Pinot Noir in its elusiveness and Ray loves nothing more than a challenge.  Two tonnes of Nebbiolo, difficult to wrap, but has given Ray many hours of fun, an excuse to spend a fortune on Barolo and will provide much pleasure for years to come.

It worked again in 2014, 2015 & 2016 so when you are onto a good idea…

After five years making Nebbiolo we seriously think this might be the best one yet!