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2015 Between Five Bells Red
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2015 Between Five Bells Red

A bright fresh blend of Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Negoramaro & Nero d'Avola.

Get in quick, this wine was made in extremely limited quantities.

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“It’s a bright, lively red wine of high drinkability and easy going charisma. You’d say that there’s more than fair share of seriously meaty, gamey, blood sausage and meat dripping scents and flavours, but the acidity, and young, fresh berry fruitiness goes ok against the brunt of savouriness. The wine then feels a bit herbal and light on in flavour, and kind of doesn’t match the heft of scent and suggestion of density from savoury characters – a bit scratchy and dilute in fruit flavours. Tannins are good, and texture is squeaky, which makes up some ground. It’s fresh and fun, no doubt, but kind of left me wanting more. Still, good drink.” Mike Bennie, The Wine Front