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2020 Vero Tempranillo

2020 Vero Tempranillo

The Story:  "My dream to know Australia in 2014 led me to be part of this wonderful wine, which could be described by; its red appearance as the colour of sunsets in Lethbridge, its vivid taste like the passion of Ray & Maree for their family, friends and wines, its intense aroma as my months in the cellar door and delicate as the treatment I received, its hue is sweet as are Indra, Allegra and Mietta and sparkling as Hugo and Sanmarkan, evokes memories of freedom, fulfilment and happiness.

I hope you enjoy it and remember: ‘The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but it is the one shared’

Cheers! Veronica Meca

Tasting Notes: Think baked strawberries, blackberry, and incredibly refreshing acidity amplifying notes of dried herbs and old mahogany. There’s ample tannin here, but it’s fine, with an appealing Old World feel to the chewy grip, spiced red and black berries cresting through the finish.

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