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2019 Shiraz

2019 Shiraz

Are Shiraz and Syrah the same?

The short answer is Yes, “Shiraz” is synonym of “Syrah” and both refer to the grape that hails from Eastern France. Shiraz is the name choice by and large for most Australian winemakers. The name has become synonymous with rich, fruit-forward higher alcohol wines, while “Syrah” is traditionally French or wines that aspire towards a more nuanced approach.
Our wine is on the lighter side of medium-bodied but by no means wimpy. Spice box aromas meld delicately with berry and dark cherry flavours, and finishes with driving acidity. Sounds like a “Syrah” however, as a proud Australian, it will always be Shiraz for me. Australia is a big country with a vast contrast in climates and populated by maverick winemakers The array of Australia Shiraz styles represents this notion for me.

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