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2023 Friends Pick

Date: Sat, 01/04/2023 - Sat, 08/04/2023
Time 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Venue: Hat Rock Vineyard and Lethbridge Vineyard
Contact: Ray & Maree
Phone: 03 5281 7279


Vintage has begun so join in the fun.

The nets are on and the grapes are ripening. Picking is only a couple of weeks away so we would like to invite you to our most celebrated event, the 'Friends Pick'.

Due to popular demand  year we are planning two Friends Picks, one at the Hatrock Vineyard on the Bellarine and the other at our home vineyard in Lethbridge.  Predicting the date for picking is always fraught but at this stage we are predicting.

Hatrock Pick:  Saturday 1st April, 2330 Portarlington Rd, Bellarine, 9:00 am

Lethbridge Pick: Saturday 8th April, 74 Burrows R Lethbridge, 9:00 am

As usual with this event you start early, pick some grapes, meet new people and then enjoy and lunch with a few glasses of wine provided by us.  This is the ultimate win-win, we get our grapes picked with your labour and you get to meet new people and a delicious lunch.  No wonder it is everyones favorite event!

Book the Hatrock Vineyard (Bellarine) event, April 1st

Book the Lethbridge Vineyard event, April 8th

Note that picking date and location is subject to change depending on ripening of the grapes.