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2021 BFIVEB Amber - Dozen

2021 BFIVEB Amber - Dozen

About B5B:  Between Five Bells are the last three words in the first stanza of Kenneth Slessor’s famous poem, Five Bells. The poem is understood to tell the tale of the death of Joe Lynch, a friend of the poets, and is set on/in/around (it gets confusing) Sydney Harbour. A beautiful lyrical poem, well worth a read and central to the way we think about the B5B wines.

The Wine:  A continuous fermentation began with Pinot Gris, and then extended with additions of the other varietals as they arrived. Fermentation was entirely on solids. Careful cap management was maintained to aid delicate extraction from the skins.  The final must was left to finish fermenting, split, and transferred to a mix of French oak and clay amphora. The wine in amphora continued a post fermentation maceration totaling 90 days on skins.  The final wine is a complex dance of textured tannins with flavors of cider apples, grapes, and William Pear, highlighted by aromas of orange blossom and perfume.

For no other reason than to be delicious. This is the FIFTH release of our AMBER wine. When it should be drunk is up to you, probably not long after it comes into your possession.

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