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2018 Last Breath! Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

2018 Last Breath! Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

"The Campbell Family planted a mixture of varieties at Mount Duneed 49 years ago; the Semillon was most reliable in the weather of those times.  They always yielded well, showed their distinctive vinous characteristics and was always in great demand.  Now gnarled and woody, one thinks “old vines…such  intensity!”.  They have “old bones” but each crop is grown on a new vine supported by the old, this years roots, shoots, leaves, flowers and fruit are not at all old. 
Things have heated-up since then; time and economics have reduced our original plantings to 400 treasured vines and for the last 12 years we entrusted all of crop to Ray. He has named these wines the ‘Last Gasp’, ‘Still Breathing’ and ‘Continues to Breathe’ but 2018 really is our ‘Last Breath’.  Fortunately I refer to the vines, progress has determined that housing is more valuable than wine.  It seems after nearly 50 years I have outlived my vines."



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