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Lethbridge Wines

Field Day at Lethbridge Wines - Mulch and Compost in Vineyards Project

Date: Thu, 18/05/2017
Time 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Venue: 74 Burrows Rd, Lethbrige, VIC, 3220
Contact: Jean-Paul Trijsburg
Phone: 0431 252 015

Lethbridge Wines invites you to a field day to share the results of the 2016-17 mulch and compost trial. This project was undertaken to assess effectiveness of different mulch types for water efficiency, weed suppression, and general vine health.

In addition to sharing the results and experience from our project, we have invited two experts in the field of mulch and compost: Declan McDonald and Robert Sutherland, to share their extensive knowledge and experience of mulching and composting in vineyards. Declan is a senior soil scientist with decades of experience in the use of organic amendments. He will discuss the
results of a three-year trial of different composts under vine. Robert is the viticulturist with De Bortoli wines. He has years of practical experience with making compost onsite as well as the use of compost tea in vineyards.

10:45 Vineyard tour: see and discuss different under-vine mulches and compost
11:30 Presentations by Declan and Robert
12:30 Discussion and Questions

This project was undertaken with support from Regional Development Victoria
with a grant under the Wine Growth Fund.

RSVP by 11th May 2017 using our online booking through Lethbridge Wines website.

Declan has over 25 years experience in agricultural, horticultural, and amenity soil management with the former DPI and now with private industry as a Senior Soil Scientist. He is considered one of Australia’s leading soil scientists particularly with the use of organic amendments on farms. He has been involved with several publications including ‘Soils Alive’ – understanding and managing soil biology on Tasmanian farms. Recently he has completed a 3 year research study on the use of Compost Under Vine with several vineyards on the Mornington Peninsula.

Rob is the Viticulturist and Vineyard Manager at De Bortoli Wines, Yarra Estate. He has been integral to the implementation of biological farming methods and nurturing the life under the soil taking a long-term view to the vines and the land. Over this time he has also been making compost on site, brewing his own compost teas and recording and observing changes in the vineyard over time. The improvement in the soil has been reflected in the quality of the grapes.

Jean-Paul has been Vineyard Manager at Lethbridge Wines since early 2016. With support from Regional Development Victoria, he started a mulch and compost trial at the Lethbridge vineyard during the 2016 – 2017 season. In this trial different mulch types were used to preserve water and reduce under-vine weeds.

Presenting compost, compost mulch options and a range of liquid compost sprays for post-harvest and growing season application.

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